The Sculptures at River Hook

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The Friends of River Hook sponsor a variety of sculptures at River Hook for your enjoyment. We recently added a couple of new ones. In addition to those on the sculpture path, make sure to see the sculpture in the east meadow.  


Conrad Levenson: Commotion & Tangentrics

These sculptures reflect the artist’s passion for reclamation and recycling remnants from traditional agriculture, industry, transportation and daily agrarian life. The inherent character embedded in these artifacts’ histories, stories and past lives evoke their practical use while at the same time take on newly stated personas.



Sarah Haviland: Aerie 

Responding to life along the Hudson River, Aerie combines architectural and natural forms in contradictory balance. The sculpture’s base echoes an historic monument, while the nesting eagle refers to the revival of land, water and the famous bird once again thriving in our region through environmental care.

Mark Attebery: Yellow Grove

While standing within this installation of five sculptures, Yellow Grove surrounds visitors in a botanical fantasy.  Intertwined tendrils give a sense of upward growth toward the sun. Thousands of dots become apparent only upon closer viewing, with a nod to Lewis Carroll’s whimsical gardens from Alice in Wonderland.

Alberto Bursztyn: River Hook Stag

This majestic sculpture is made from tree limbs and repurposed wood from River Hook’s land and surrounding woods. It honors its natural inhabitants and the forest and woods that protect, shelter and nurture the abundance of life in Upper Nyack.

Janet Rutkowski: Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities is part of a series titled "The Rift" taking inspiration from The Golden Compass Trilogy by Philip Pullman. Infinite Possibilities suggests a portal into an alternate universe and in turn, inner development, overgrown and partially hidden with complex emotions.

James Tyler: Brickhead Huaca

The Brickhead series of sculptures personifies places and concepts, both geographic and cultural, representing the universality of humankind. Huaca (a sacred space) refers to the myriad physical constructions made by humans throughout recorded history and also the ethereal spiritual constructs following us tenaciously through time.