The Clearing

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Here, immense trees form a loose circle around a flat, open area. Around them is a mixture of woods, slopes, and the site’s primary path. Yet there is no way to comfortably occupy this natural clearing. Currently, it is only possible to occupy the site’s main path, and none of its unique and varied natural spaces.

While the Broadway meadow is being restored for the regrowth of native species, this beautiful clearing has potential to become a space for regular use. With simple landscaping and maintenance, it could become a functioning outdoor room.

With a large mowed area at the center of the clearing, people can occupy the immense outdoor room, providing a space for activities like yoga, picnics, meditation, or reading on a blanket.

Paths surround the clearing (and continue throughout the site) to enable visitors a new experience of the preserve’s varied conditions of vegetation, light, and space. They also present intriguing opportunities for art and installation.