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Though currently overgrown and inaccessible, this part of the site slopes gently downwards towards a single row of tall, proud trees that open up to create a framed view of the river beyond the Haring House. It is one of the few places in the preserve where the river is visible, and presents a unique opportunity for a place to sit and look.

The community showed great enthusiasm for the preserve’s potential to support the arts, and brought up the idea of an outdoor amphitheater that could host plays, performances and movies. In the time of Covid, outdoor gathering spaces have gained even more importance.

The tree-framed view of the river and the Haring House becomes the stage set of an outdoor amphitheater.

The outdoor amphitheater would have this view as its scenography, the stage platform standing just in front of the opening in the trees, with terraced seating radiating outwards.

Alongside it rises a lookout that celebrates the site’s relationship to the water, provides a platform for birdwatching, and gives a solid edge to the amphitheater.