Peter Strasser, "Boulder within Boulder"

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Peter Strasser Bio

Peter Strasser’s sculptures show a unique balance between nature and architectural materials. With a background as a master restorer of architectural preservation in the tristate area, he applies his many skills to manipulating large trees, boulders and steel into something that is obviously man made but still has a strong connection with the earth. His sculptures are shown throughout Rockland County in many venues and he also has 4 major pieces on display at The Catherine Konner Sculpture Park at Rockland Center for the Arts.

 Artist Statement

“Boulder within Boulder” is one of a series of Rockland County granite pieces I have created over the last 5 years. This piece was conceived to express the beauty and simplicity of stone. The rock is ancient in form and heavy with history.  It was created in the primal ice age, tossed around and left behind randomly in this county of Rockland.  The stone has been cut alluding to the layers of its history and the earth itself, and then reconfigured to represent change and eternity.   To be able to examine the boulder positioned at eye level and to experience it is like looking at its stone soul.