Spring House

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Located along a small hidden stream in the northeast corner of the site, the sandstone Spring House was probably built as a storehouse to keep food cool in the summer. Behind it is a dark, cool, wooded area surrounding the stream. Low amidst the overgrowth, it is hard to see across the meadow.



The Spring House is also uniquely small, scaled more naturally for a child than for an adult. It presents a simple opportunity for an outdoor playground that combines the openness of the meadow, the intimacy of the woods, and the joy of a stream.

Its roof replaced with an open wood structure, the spring house is reinvented as a sanctuary and gateway for outdoor play.

Across the restored meadow, the new spring house would become a prominent marker of the site’s new life. Its bright wood surfaces against the dark green overgrowth create a striking composition, bringing a counterpoint to the cliffs of the Hook beyond. A bench might sit along the long path to sit and linger.

The sculptural addition atop the sandstone creates a space of surprise and revelry, its simple construction presenting an opportunity for the community to gather and build it together.