North Midland Entrance

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The preserve has two entrances – one at the southwest corner, off Broadway, and the other at the southeast corner, off Midland. The area that runs along Midland near the existing entrance is a tangle of overgrowth that is in the process of being cleared and reorganized. Where the edge against Broadway is beautifully tree-lined, the edge here is in need of restoration.

 Currently, the grassy border between the street and the preserve is used as an informal parking zone. By expanding and formalizing this area, there is potential to create a space for cars that is consistent with the preserve’s ethos, while improving its presence on Midland.

A shaded parking area for fourteen cars is separated from the street and softened by planted buffers and tall trees. It connects to a formalized entry that doubles as a meeting spot. An integrated sign marks the preserve on the street, and a map orients visitors upon arrival.